Foam (gray) Tape

Gray Tape

hintBruce does NOT recommend the white foam tape that is readily available. It degrades with time and temperature and will eventually crumble. Who wants little pieces of foam tape in the gear lube on your trucks?

He uses a foam tape made by 3-M for outdoor use. It is their product number 411, and is available at home improvement and hardware stores. It is gray with a red protective cover.

This tape is used to fill many needs:

  • to hold down decoders to motors - thermal isolation is desired
  • to hold down decoders and other items in locos anc cars
  • to hold down items where a bit of additional height is desired - the tape itself is 0.06 inches thick - multiple layers may even be used!

Here is a testimonial for "gray" tape: Bruce installed a D808 (30 amp stall current) decoder in a USA trains G-scale GP9 for a customer here in the Phoenix area. The loco ran outdoors for a year before the decoder failed for some unknown reason. The drive transistors shorted, drawing huge currents through themselves. The transistor cases were reduced to powdered plastic. The clear shrink tubing over the decoder was black from the heat. On the other side of the shrink tubing was the gray tape holding the decoder down. IT WAS UNFAISED! PERFECT, with a year's worth of outside running and a massive failure next to it



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