Bathtub Caulk

A gem from the hardware or home improvement store Is bathtub caulk. This easy-to-apply adhesive will conform to lots of variations in dimensions. It can be removed easily and is available in a clear version! It cleans up with water and has no noxious or flammable fumes.most commonly use PolySeam Seal, but most any of the products on the market will suffice!

Bruce most commonly uses PolySeam Seal, but most any of the products on the market will suffice! Acrylic caulk is all that is needed. Silicone is just a waste of money in this situation.

Bruce likes it for making speaker enclosures or attaching speakers to frames; laying track and road bed; mounting motors, etc.

hintMake sure to keep any adhesive off the speaker cone or surround!

A little goes a long way, so Bruce recommends the 8 ounce or so tube with the plastic cap for the most ardent user. For more casual users, find a smaller tube, if possible, or be ready to throw out a partially used tube.



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