Digitrax is a well established company with a very wide range of products covering every aspect of DCC.  Digitrax has long been popular with Model Railroad Clubs.  Partly this is because of the modular nature of their systems and their particular line of small walk-around throttles.


INTERRUPT DRIVEN THROTTLES -- One of Digitrax’ major competitive advantages is the unique interrupt driven throttle network, called LocoNet. In addition to allowing ease of signaling and communication amongst all DCC entities on the net, LocoNet has a huge “fan club.” Many “third party” folks manufacture software and hardware for this inventive network. Digitrax takes the time to review these items and gives their “LocoNet Certification” to items they deem to meet the LocoNet specifications.

Sound Decoders - Digitrax has introduced a new line of SoundFX decoders that bring a new dimension or realism to operations.  The latest one amp mobile decoder in the FX line is based on proven decoder technology and adds downloadable sounds  that will "blow your socks off".  While the units are ready-to-run with preloaded sounds, they can also be customized from your own recordings.  These SoundFX units are available for steam, diesel, ore electric locomotives.

Bruce is proud to be Digitrax certified and to have attended the first advanced training session Digitrax offered, He is extremely well versed on the Digitrax product line.

The Digitrax Website is at:  www.digitrax.com

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