Digitrax 101

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where we collect the questions we get about Digitrax' operation.

What about wireless operation?

This is such a large topic that we are devoting an entire page to it. CLICK HERE.

The LEDs on my BD4 don't light

Well, there is poorly documented issue behind this. For the LEDs on the plug in LED board to light, the BD4 must be grounded. Connect a wire from any of the ground pins (2, 4, 6, or 8) on the DS1 connector to your system ground. Either on your command station, DS54 or DS64 or SE8 or the face plate of any of your fascia panel items: UP5, UR90, UR91 or LNRP.

How do I clear out the loco roster?

Digitrax systems keep throttles and locos asigned to each other (so that you can unplug and move around the layout and the loco keeps running). You can sever this relationship if you DISPATCH your locos when you are done with them. However, over time, the roster builds up. You can clear this by CLOSING the OpSw 36. Look for Option Switch set up instructions in your system manual. For the Super Chief Xtra, it is section 28, starting on page 115 of the 01/09 manual. It will be close to that in the other manuals.

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