Power Supply

A generic term for that element of the DCC system that takes power from the (A. C.) mains and translates it into power that can be utilized by the DCC System. These may fall into two categories based on the type of power delivered: A. C. or D. C.


A. C. Power Supplies are correctly called transformers. Inside the case, they may have a switch and indicator light plus the transformer and some protective devices, such as thermal switches and circuit breakers. DCC Specialties MF-615 shown in the upper photo.


D. C. Power Supplies are correctly called power supplies. They will probably have a higher voltage rating for the same system than the equivalent A. C. transformer. Digitrax PS-2012 shown in lower photo.


In recent years, small D. C. switching power supplies are suplanting the AC transformers. They are light to ship and can work off almost any power main power anywhere in the world, with the proper line cord. They also present a more constant load to the power lines, as mandated by increasing laws in the world.

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