The company started out as North Coast Engineering. New York regulations were involved in the name change to NCE, Inc.

Often considered one of the most user friendly systems, NCE offers a complete line of Digital Command Control products.


PROCAB - NCE's very sophisticated "ProCab" provides user-friendly access to all system features in a single handheld throttle device.   The ProCab is available in radio and non-radio versions. The ProCab is one of the most ergonomic cabs on the market.

POWERCAB - Built on the ergonomic ProCab platform, the PowerCab combines a 2 amp (peak) system for your home layout with a cab that can be taken to the club or a friend's layout. The PowerCab can have a radio board installed and be used as a wireless cab.

DUPLEX RADIO - NCE's radio system has been honed to a fine edge and is Bruce's choice for his own layouts being built in 2010.

POWER TO SPARE - NCE is renowned for its effortless power:

  • The 5 amp system guarantees a full 5+ amps on the track for your S and smaller scale systems.
  • The 10 amp systems provide an enormous reserve of power and should be used only with G-scale or exceptionally well wired O-scale layouts. It provides over 10 continuous amps and will deliver 30 amps for 1/4 second for power-hungry locos like the offerings from USA Trains and Charles Ro. Since it is capable of an instantaneous 60 amps - faster than a circuit breaker than react - it is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANY OF THE SMALLER SCALES!

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