The Achievement Program (AP) is one of the hidden secrets of the National Model Railroading Association (NMRA).

Many members don’t know what it is all about or don’t see how it can positively impact them. I know, I was one for almost the first decade of my membership.

This blog is part of my way of giving back to the organization.

Follow along with my musings, if you desire.

The Achievement Program

I’ve been a NMRA member for 15+ years now. I never was introduced to the Achievement Program.

Yes, I saw awards passed out at our meets. Yes, there were contest results. But none of it made any sense to me, nor did it seem relevant to me. Until … Gary Gelzer suggested to me in 2009 that I was almost qualified for Chief Dispatcher.

Since then, I’ve focused some work and circled back and gotten signatures for things that I had already done.

One of the major recognitions from this program is Master Model Railroader. This requires 7 achievement awards (out of the 11). At least one must be earned from each of the four categories. For more information, go to the NMRA web site by CLICKING HERE.

Last week I completed the evaluation for the last two AP awards needed for my seven - CLICK HERE for more information.

I used a spreadsheet to track progress for the last half of the journey or so. I’ve been asked for a copy of that sheet. I’m an Apple Numbers kind of guy, but I’ve translated it to Excel. It is incomplete, but will provide a template for you to customize your own journey. CLICK HERE to open the Excel worksheet set.

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