Aristocraft RS3

This older loco had had a Sierra sound board installed. It was removed and the wiring in the floor of the loco redone to bring rail power (red and black) and motor (orange and gray) up to the shell. The smoke generator and control switches were removed.

The Magnum board was installed in the shell with Gray Foam Tape. The lights and motor were wired to the Magnum board. The plug was cut off the speaker end of the speaker harness. The resulting leads were wired to the existing speaker and the harness plugged into the decoder.


Then the decoder was plugged in and the system tested on the programming track first.

Since this loco was to run on DC track, an Airwire 900 system would be used to control it. The G-wire receiver was put into the area where the smoke generator had been, held down with Gray Foam Tape. The decoder and the G-wire receiver are connected with the white cable as shown below.


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