Athearn Genesis SD70MAC

This great looking and running loco can sound good, too.

The Atlas style light board is replaced with the Soundtraxx decoder. Now that the Tsunami is available in the Atlas light board version and the DSD-AT100LC series are no longer available, that is what is shown in the parts list. The decoders fit into the same space. However, the TSU-AT1000 (Tsunami) has an external capacitor that could be attached near the front speaker. The QSI Revolution A could be used, too!


This unit has room enough for two speakers to fire out through the top grilles, so Bruce used two 16 x 35 4-ohm speakers in series.

The TSU-AT1000 decoder board includes support for 1.5 volt bulbs. Just wire your lights as shown in the SoundTraxx instruction sheet. CLICK HERE to see it.

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