Atlas C424

This is an easy install once you remove some of the height on the weight.

Prepare the rear weight by reducing its height by about 0.3 inches and opening a hole for the air to pass from the speaker cone to the area above the rear truck. This can be done with a belt sander and a hand drill or with a milling machine. Here is a photo of a unit milled to the desired configuration.


Enlarge the two holes in the speaker (the side where the terminals are) to allow the weight mounting screws to pass.

Screw the weight back into the loco with the speaker on top as shown.

Use a bit of caulk to seal the speaker to the weight.


Install the decoder. Bruce recommends replacing the wires from the trucks to the decoder with the Wire2951 shown in the parts list for long term reliability. The external capacitor was secured at the end of the decoder as shown above.

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