Atlas SD35

This loco was designed for sound. If you bought one without sound, here is the easy way to give it a voice!


The photos show the older SP-30R-08 speakers. These speakers are only rated at 0.05 watts. They include a resistor with each one. We used one resistor between the speakers to wire them in series. Since this install was done, we have obtained the SP-30R-08a speakers that have a higher power rating and can be used without the resistors.

The two speakers were held into the mounts with bathtub caulk. Be very careful not to get it on the speaker cones. All seems fine sound wise on this install. Remember the shell is an integral part of the acoustic design of this installation. The sound will change (improve) when the shell is installed. These speakers are a bit thicker than the ones that the loco was designed for, you MAY need (or want) to trim a bit of the shell for a good fit.


The diesel Tsunami decoder fits between the weights. We removed the Atlas board and installed a styrene shelf using double sided tape. The diesel Tsunami was mounted on this board along with its capacitor (with the leads shortened). The pick-ups, LEDs and motor were wired with the leads from the decoder with the majority of Atlas' wires being discarded. Kapton tape holds the wires in place.


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