Con-Cor Zephyr

This model has tickled a lot of folk's fancy.

Litchfield Station is on the leading edge with installation ideas, photos and a custom sound file for you!


The speaker installation is below the floor, similar to the photo below from the M-10000 installation. Caulk is used to hold the speaker in place. Be carefull not to get any caulk onto the speaker cone.


Wire the male end of a (678-8100122-pin plug to the speaker and reassemble the chassis bottom.


Remove the stock speaker from the LItchfield Station exclusive custom sound LokSound decoder and wire the female end of the (678-8100122-pin plug to the decoder. Plug the decoder into the light board - making sure that you don't plug into the extra row of holes (labeled) for the speaker. Secure the decoder with Kapton Tape.


Here is a photo from below the loco which shows details of the install a bit better.

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