Proto 2000 E9A

This is an easy install once you remove some of the height on the weight.

Jerry disassembled the loco and fly cut the weight on his milling machine - you could use a belt sander. The Life-Like electronics and bulbs were discarded.


The external capacitor was secured at the end of the weight as shown above. A 2-pin connector was used in the speaker leads for ease of shell removal.


Two Golden White LEDs and 750 ohm resistors were installed in place of the LIfe-Like bulbs. The upper LED was wired to the green function and the lower to the white. Function mapping and light setup has both lights on going forward with the upper light creating a MARS function. MUCH better than the "flick-flick" light Life-Like provided.

DUAL PRIME MOVER SOUND: One of the advantages of the Tsunami decoder is its built-in reverb capability. It can be programmed to sound like the two prime movers. To do this, set:

  • CV 161 = 7
  • CV 162 = 255
  • CV 163 = 255
  • CV 164 = 0
  • CV 171 = 255

You can toggle this effect by setting CV 161 alternatively to 0 or 7. LUSH!

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