Proto 2000 S1

This loco is NOT DCC ready, no matter what LifeLike claims. The orange motor lead is routed through the frame.  If you just plug your decoder in and the frame ever touches the rail - poof! No more decoder.

The long wait for a way to put sound in these locos is over with the release of the TSU-750 (Micro Tsunami). Select the Turbo version for your S-2 or S-4. The S-1 and S-3 were not turboed.

WARNING - this is not an install for the faint of heart!

The photo below shows the pre-installation before final assembly. After assembly, there isn't a lot to photograph!


Install LEDs and resistors for front and rear lights. Install speaker in shell. Build a sheld out of sheet brass to hold the decoder and remove the heat from it. Isolate the motor. Then install the Micro Tsunami decoder and capacitor. Surface mount capacitors were used to minimize the size. They limit the loco to 16 volt track voltage - 12 volts would be better. Too much voltage and you will have an exposion inside your loco!

If these instructions are not enough for you to know EXACTLY what you need to do to install this decoder, YOU SHOULD HAVE A PROFESSIONAL DO YOUR INSTALL! There is barely enough room in this loco for a sound install and any mis-step will result in less than desirable sound and / or performance.
For example, eMail Bruce!

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