Stewart FT-A FT-B

The FT locos were used as A-B combinations and mostly drawbar connected. Stewart is selling a nice version of this loco with a powered A unit and a dummy B unit. A GREAT combination for the Tsunami diesel! Today the decoder of choice would be the SoundTraxx Tsunami designed specifically for this loco, the 678-828020, as it is less expensive and easier to fit.


In the photo above you can see the Tsunami installed in the A unit. The speakers will be in the B unit connected via a 2-pin connector to the two wires seen exiting the photo on the right. A notch was machined in the rear of the A-unit frame to provide relief for the super flexible wire running between the two units, like MU cables.

The existing LED headlight and side lights were connected using 750 ohm resistors to the F0F and F5 outputs.


The B-unit was disassembled sanded to make a flat mounting surface for the two speakers.


The area between the four holes in the fuel tank for the motor mounts (if this were a powered unit) were used as a guide to remove the frame material and plastic decor piece.

This allows the positive pressure from the speakers to come out the bottom. The plastic uprights provide a wave guide to route the sound coming off the magnet side of the speakers up to the roof of the B unit before it comes out the trucks. This (about six inch) path is enough distance to keep the sound from canceling. Thus you get all the sound from both sides of both speakers out of the loco.

One additional thought. If you don’t mind having 4 wires between units, you can use the B-unit trucks as additional pickup points and wire them through to the same side on the A-unit. This makes for a very good sounding locomotive set with good electrical contact.

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