Stewart VO Switchers

These fine running switchers just beg for a voice!

Early-on a Litchfield Station customer wanted sound in his VO-1000. SoundTraxx had not released Baldwin sounds, so he settled for a Fairbanks Morse sound in a TSU-AT1000 decoder (828047).

The installation was pretty straight forward. The front LED mount was removed and the LED held in place with Kapton Tape. The speaker is held onto the weight above the front truck, as shown below.

Stewart VO-1000 828047-2

After SoundTraxx had released the Baldwin sounds in the TSU-1000 version (why they didn't put it in the TSU-AT1000 package excapes Bruce), a customer wanted sounds in his custom painted VO-660. It was a tight fit, but we were able to do it. See the photo below!

Stewart VO-660 867111-2

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