Westside PA & PB

These fine running switchers just beg for a voice!

The installation in the PA was pretty straight forward, since no speakers were being installed in the A unit. The decoder was mounted in the shell, with the (flat) heat sink side attached to the metal shell with a thin layer of caulk to help move heat into the shell and away from the decoder.

The decoder was wired to the motor and track pickup via a 4-pin connector. This connector could be built from NEM-651 6-pin connectors, or the connectors could be used as is.

A two pin (female side) connector was used between the A and B units to connect the speakers.

Westside PAB 827104-A-2

Two speakers were installed in the B unit in such a way so that the sound coming off the magnet side of the speaker was ducted out through the openings for the trucks. The sound from the cone sides ot the speakers was restrined in a closed chamber in the center of the B-unit, as shown below. The male side of the 2-pin connector was wired to the speakers. The two speakers were wired in a series-aiding configuration. Testing showed that series-aiding sounded better than a series-opposing configuration.

Westside PAB 827104-B-2

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