Bachmann Ten-wheeler 4-6-0

This loco takes the SP-28R-08 (1.1 inch round) speaker very well! A few styrene pieces to plug up the holes in the deck below the coal load, but ventilate the speaker into the tender shell were needed. The coal load was perforated (about 100 - 150 holes, drilled at various angles from the inside out) with a #70 drill to allow the sound out the top. Install the speaker gasket and use it to secure the speaker to the deck plate - magnet up.

In order to have enough space for the speaker and decoder, you will want to remove the Bachmann board and hard wire the decoder to the wires inside the tender.


Mount the Tsunami and the capacitor to the floor of the tender shell with double sided tape as shown. Route the speaker wires through the front of the hole where the coal load secures itself and solder them to the speaker.


Bruce removed the Bachmann board and wired the Tsunami directly to the rail power, motor and headlight connections. Removing the Bachmann board provides room for the Tsunami install, leaving the mounting boss in place, so the shell can be screwed to the tender floor. A rear light could easily have been added at this time. Use a small piece of double sided tape to secure the wires out of the way of the hole for the shell retaining screw.

If the headlight is an LED, add a 750 to 1000 ohm 1/8 watt or larger resistor to the white wire. If you want to be safe, add the resistor. If the headlight doesn't light, remove it.

After tweaking a few CVs, the loco was off and running.

Be aware that there are several tenders out there for the Ten Wheeleer. All I've seen will take the SP-28R-08 speaker, although the details of the mounting plate will differ.

Speaker Mounting
Yes, the speaker is mounted with the magnet up! Sound comes out both sides of a speaker. The sound coming off the magnet side of the speaker goes out through the coal load. The sound coming off the other side of the speaker goes into the shell (which acts as an enclosure).

To insure the best sound with the least obvious venting, make certain:

1) There is a good seal around the speaker and the styrene added to the tender, so that all the sound coming out the non-magnet side of the speaker is contained in the tender shell.

2) The coal load has lots (a hundred or more) of tiny holes (#70 drill) drilled from the inside in random directions with random spacing.

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