Division Point 2-6-6-2

Due to the shape of this tender and the fine detail, a Micro Tsunami was selected to allow the High Bass speaker to be used. First a stall current test verified that the Micro Tsunami was adequate at 750 mA stall current.

Using this speaker and the Micro Tsunami, the sound is totally AWESOME!


The 1.5 volt headlights were wired with a resistor and two diodes, as discussed in the DCC UNIVERSITY.

The speaker was sealed over the holes in the tender floor with Bathtub Caulk.

Connection between the loco and tender was provided by two connectors:
a two pin for the chuff cam and the right rail power and
a three pin for the motor and headlight (white - center)
By careful placement (3-pin female and 2-pin male on the tender) and wiring, damage to the loco or decoder by misconnection is minimized.

The Micro Tsunami and its keep alive capacitor were taped to the tender shell using Carpet Tape as shown in the photo below. The heat sink (flat) side of the Micro Tsunami was affixed to the tender to provide additional cooling by transferring heat from the Micro Tsunami to the tender shell. Also, you can see in the detail photo below where some metal had to be removed from the tender shell flange to provide clearance for the 27 mm (1.04 inch) diameter speaker. Kapton tape was used to route the wires so than none get pinched when the shell is replaced.


Photographed in a Bowser HO-Scale Cradle!

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