Proto 2000 2-8-8-2

This was the first production Tsunami installation at Litchfield Station.


The SP-28x40-08 fits nicely in the coal area of the tender, with some styrene to seal around the edges. Drill a bunch of #70 holes in the coal load.

Hold the Tsunami down to the circuit board with Gray Foam Tape.

There are three choices for wiring the decoder:

1) Strip the wires and solder them into the socket on the board.

2) Replace the harness that comes with the Tsunami with a 1 inch JST harness (as shown in the parts list) and plug the Tsunami in. CLICK HERE to see how to replace the harness.

3) As shown in the photo, wire a NEM652 plug to the Tsunami and plug it in. This would be my last choice!

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