Proto 2000 0-6-0

This loco has an 8-pin NMRA socket. This gives you choices. You can wire the decoder directly into the socket. Or you can add the NEM652 plug to the Tsunami and then plug it in. Or, you can add a short harness to the Tsunami and plug it in. The wiring color code is on our web site: CLICK HERE.

Here is how we installed one after removing the LIfe-Like board. The Tsunami mounts flat side against the metal shell with thin tape or light adhesive for heat removal. Kapton tape was put on the front of the weight to keep the socket from shorting out.

R-750-1/8W resistors were used in one lead to each (front and rear) LED for current limiting.


For the speaker, Jerry used SP-16x35-08 mouted with the magnet side up on a piece of black styrene as a speaker plate. This plate was cemented below the coal load. Many holes were drilled from the inside out on the coal load to allow the sound ot escape. We recommend the use of a 2-pin plug and socket between the tender frame and shell for ease of maintenance.

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