Rivarossi Heisler

This is the sound job many folks said couldn’t be done! Yes, it required removing the center portion of the rear window and lapping the decoder out the back. No weight was removed - the only loss was the Rivarossi “DCC” board.

NOTE: Now that the Micro Tsunami is out, Bruce recommends the 826020 light Logging decoder for this install. Except for the Micro Tsunami being a bit smaller, the installation is the same. This smaller decoder MAY mean that the cab modifications are not needed!


In the oil burning version shown above, you’ll see that the tank is cut away to provide room for the decoder and it is almost invisible - especially when the roof is back on. The wood burning version, shown in detail in the bottom photo, will have real wood stacked up to cover the end of the decoder. The enclosed (acoustic suspension style sealed enclosure) speaker sounds just fine. The deck of the shell is perforated to allow the sound out but still hold the oil tank or wood.


The photo  above shows the same loco from the first photo just after the decoder is wired in, allowing a view of the speaker enclosure - glued to the frame where the Rivarossi board used to be. The loco as shown here is TOTALLY functional. All that remains to do is folding the decoder into position and putting components back on the loco.


Current regulation is provided for each of the 1.5 volt Rivarossi lamps as discussed on this site - CLICK HERE.

Hayden Cook sent photos of his nicely done Micro Tsunami installation in September 2015.

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20150923 021451
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