Litchfield Station Layout

The idea was to expand the small shelf layout we had when we opened the storefront business to a layout capable of demonstrating DCC to customers.

Here is the blog of that work.

Last photo

2009-07-23 Shop Layout-2

  • This was the last photo taken before we sold Litchfield Station.
  • The layout is still at Litchfield Station.

Work continues

2009-03-16 Shop Layout-2

  • Preliminary work on the Narrow gauge track is done - still waiting to build turnouts
  • Buldings are moving onto the layout
  • Standard gauge track is wired
  • Cup and throttle holders are installed
  • Card boxes are installed
  • Three systems (Digitrax, Lenz and NCE) are functional - great for demos

Clinic on track laying

2008-12-13 Shop Layout-2

  • Bus wiring is complete under the foam work
  • Dick Vogler is doing a clinic on track laying
  • Before the day is done, the entire standard gauge will be down!

Getting Started

2008-11-24 Shop Layout-2

  • The bench work is done
  • Lighting is installed.
  • The blue foam board is in place
  • Linda has painted the backdrop
  • A preliminary track plan has been printed and arranged
  • Initial fit of sturctures is underway
  • Temporary fascia board has been installed to hold foam in place
  • Shelf to hold DCC systems is installed

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