A double-track angled timber culvert

In the lower right area of the track plan, the two main tracks cross over a ravine. This ravine will carry rainfall runoff from the layout, as well as providing a visually interesting section.

I built this culvert to carry the rainwater under the tracks. The photo below is of the upstream side (away from most viewers). The downstream side does not have the angled wing walls, but short straight ones, as can be seen in the background.

IMG 7395

After showing it at the Arizona division NMRA meet yesterday, it is now installed and ballasted on the RMP near the patio. The photo above shows the upstream side with the 30˚ wing walls. The patio, below, is on the downstream side where the ballast is retained with old rails and boulders.

Fn3 dual-track box timber culvert - 1

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