Rocky Mountain Pacific in Fn3

Bachmann Shay: Logo installed

Installed the new graphics. Here are the before and after photos:

Shay Tender - WSLC-1
Shay Tender - RMP-1

Bachmann Shay: The fix is in

Installed the new cylinder assembly, whistle and gear cover. Loco now runs! Spent some time tweaking the Tsunami with DecoderPro. Ordered some vinyl logos for the RMP from G-Scale Graphics. Next steps will be to clean the dust off so that I can weather it and install graphics and to install Kadee couplers. I've settled on them based on several trains of thought - pun intended - including Greg Elmassian's view.

Bachmann Shay won't run

Turns out that the repair of the Shay isn't as easy as the seller suggested: "just snap it back together".

I contacted Bachmann and ordered the necessary parts to get this puppy running. They don't sell the crankshaft as a spare part - had to buy the $75 cylinder assembly. With other replacement parts and shipping, over $91! OUCH!

82698 Three Truck Shay Large Scale - U-joint repair-1

While waiting for the replacement cylinder assembly, I "fixed" the existing one with a #2 sheet metal screw. Not pretty, but it works!

NCE repairs and work started on Shay

There has been a long dry spell with little progress due to many factors. In the interim, I've gotten my NCE ProCab repaired by NCE (sticking thumbwheel) and fixed some sprinkling system issues that impinge on track work. Now I'm starting work on my Shay.

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