Rocky Mountain Pacific in Fn3

Evening View

I waited until twilight last evening to take these photos. No shadows to deal with. The first one is the overall view, similar to what I've been posting since track work began. The second one is the area of the relocated rock and relaid track. Leveling and grading continues, but a bit more slowly, as daytime temps are in the mid to upper 90s and we even broke 100 in late April. See the weather panel in the sidebar.

IMG 0305

Track Plan is complete

Today, two days of marathon track laying resulted in having all the track down.

The outer loop (out of this photo on the right) needs a bit of realignment after a large rock is slightly relocated. Locos that are 1:24 will fit through the curve, but 1:20.3 units will hit.

Now the tweaking, leveling and grading begins.

I also got a storage shed. It is currently full of gandy dancer materials with a few cars. Eventually, it will store the RMP rolling stock.

The RMP even had a revenue run with midgets (1:24 folks) running behind old #4, seen here in front of Big Springs Lake.

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