First track graded

Over the weekend, I got some track graded and filled.

I used half cinder block (4 x 8 x 16) as my primary track support. Sitting on their sides, they are just a perfect width to support Piko or LGB or USA code 332 brass track.

Once the track was roughly graded with the cinder blocks, I back filled with landscape rock.

The final coat was landscape ¼- rock. That is what comes through a ¼ inch mesh, sand and small rocks. Makes a wonderful “glue” as it compacts when it is wet and sets up almost like concrete. However, it can be loosened and reworked.


I love ¼- for background “dirt” and track ballast. See my earlier posts where the track ballast on the old layout was dark brown and the “dirt” was tan. Same idea here.

The early morning light shows the track rising to the rocky pass, as yet unnamed.

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