Piles of dirt

Today, we had landscapers remove some of the rock and dirt that surrounded the flagstone walk around the north side of the layout. A new sand base was installed and the flagstones releveled. Then dark brown ¼- rock was brushed in around the flagstones. The resulting walkway looks great and will be an approximate color model for the layout. I plan to use the dark brown ¼- for ballast and a tan ¼ - for the general ground cover on the final layout.

In the photo, you can see the (gray) conduit with the DCC bus wires coming under the new walkway.

IMG 0516

During that time, I was sifting the dirt from the rocks in the mix that was removed. I’m using the ¾” rocks (Madison Gold color) as fill for the track support and then putting the dirt over it. When the track grades are all established. Then I’ll shim the track up ¾ inch with stakes and ballast it.

Wiring was started with the reversing loop all bused together and connected to a PSxAR auto-reverser. Wiring of the two districts and installation of PSx circuit breakers is next on the wiring list.

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