Track plan

I finally found the software that will allow me to draw my track plan as I want it to be on my Apple Mac computers. I have it on my MacBook Pro, so that I can go out to the yard and measure and input the data directly, instead of running between the office and the back yard as I was doing previously. I also have it on my iMac in the office, so I can use the dual screens and increased resolution to enhance and label things.

The software is know as Railmodeler Pro and is available in the Apple App store.

Here is the first pass of the layout. I have NOT tried to be totally accurate, but to show the relative relationship of the various track elements. Click on the image for a larger view.

RMP Track Plan

The red track is the outer loop (mainline). The green track is the auto-reversing section, both a teardrop loop and a wye. The blue track is the inner loop (town)

As the structures and operations plans evolve, I’ll be posting revised versions of the track plan with more details.

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