HO MORX #9204 Reefer

Billboard reefers were the rage in the early 20th century. Regulation #201 from the ICC in 1934 banned the advertisements on freight cars. Compliance was immediate for manufacturing, while existing cars would not be required to be repainted until 1937. The first all-steel reefers coming into service in 1936, signaled the end of wooden reefers, billboard or not. Iced reefers were, however, still in use into the 1970s. 

With this background, I decided to build this kit and weather it as if it had been built before 1934 but was still in service many years later. After the ICC ban, it would have been being used on a captive short line, like my Santa Maria Valley Railroad.

Here is the "billboard" side as supplied in the kit.

IMG 0707

Here is the finished car.

IMG 7955

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