SMVRR #8 Flat Car


After visiting the Santa Maria Valley Railroad in 2008, I got the idea of building a flat car to model the "benign neglect" I found on some of their rolling stock. Witness MOW #11, that I photographed that day: 

4-18-2008 7-55-05 AM
4-18-2008 7-55-57 AM

I present SMVRR #8, a fantasy car built in their shop from bits and pieces available: redwood decking material, metal angle and plate, and some 100 ton ASF trucks. This car will never leave the railroad, but be used to move large items around the 20 mile short line between its interchange yard with the Southern Pacific at Guadalupe CA and out to its easternmost terminus. Thus, it has none of the traditional reporting marks. It has no stake pockets and the deck has been widened a bit to keep the outside dimension the same as a traditional flat car with external stake pockets.

HO SMVRR #8 Flat Car

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