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In October, 2011, Bruce became the DCC Columnist for Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine. This online publication has grown to be have the second largest readership of any model railroad oriented magazine in the world.

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Now there is an advanced version of the magazine, called Running Extra. It contains all of the free magazine content and a bunch of more detailed articles. It costs about the same as a cup of coffee in a restaurant per month. Well worth it, in my opinion.

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In addition to the DCC Impulses, column, I’ve done articles for MRH, too. Click the article date to go to the page on the MRH site.

Dec-12 Slow Orders - Dangerous Track Ahead!

This article about contingency planning for model railroaders was co-authored with my wife, Linda.

Jun-16 My Model Railroad Journey

An elaboration about the path from non-modeler to Master Model Railroader #574 over two decades. The basis was a bio in the June 2016 NMRA Magazine.

Oct-16 Railfanning the Great Lakes Western

The view of the PebbleCreek Model Railroad Club’s HO scale GLW layout from the viewpoint of an operator or railfan.


Here is a list of my columns by date, with the main topic and any (sidebar topics) listed. Click on the column date to go to the MRH site and see the column.

My last column for MRH was in August 2018.

Oct-11 Back to Basics

Nov-11 More of the Basics

Dec-11 Layout Wiring

Jan-12 Wired Installation #1

Feb-12 Wired Installation #2 (HO Athearn Blue Box Installation)

Mar-12 LED Lighting

Apr-12 N Installations (DB150 Mode Switch & OpSw)

May-12 Anatomy of a System (Lenz LH90 Cab)

Jun-12 HO Diesel Installations (NCE PowerCab Connection)

Jul-12 Enhancing Your System (Dual Decoder Installations)

Aug-12 How Do I Get The Sound Out? (Multiple Speakers)

Sep-12 System Comparison #1 (NCE booster to Digitrax command station)

Oct-12 System Comparison #2 (NCE radio base mounting)

Nov-12 How Do I Get An Installation Done? (HO U-boat sound)

Dec-12 Basic Electronics for DCC (Alumina Thermal Adhesive)

Jan-13 HO Kato NW2 Sound Installation (PowerCab software 1.65 release)

Feb-13 Anatomy of a DCC Decoder (One Loco with Two Decoders)

Mar-13 Stayin' Alive (The Best DCC Tester - probe)

Apr-13 Ready, set, go! (DCC ready?) (Adding a NEM-652 to a JST decoder)

May-13 Using Ohm's Law (Another DCC Tester - LED dome light)

Jun-13 17 DCC Tips

Aug-13 Locating Your Train (Model Railroading Rules to Live By)

Sep-13 Passenger Car Lighting (Digitrax OpSw setting recommendations)

Oct-13 How Do They Get the Sound IN? (Relay wiring)

Nov-13 Solo DCC Operations (Make your small layout run bigger)

Dec-13 Tips for DCC Motor Control (Speed Steps in Perspective)

Jan-14 How to safely connect multiple speakers (Speaker Specifications)

Feb-14 Unraveling DCC addresses (A short guide to Consists)

Mar-14 A Dozen DCC Myths

Apr-14 Signaling Your DCC Pike (DCC Compatibility Between Systems)

May-14 DCC Programming Track Tips (Isolating the Programming Track on Your Layout)

Jul-14 More getting the sound out

Aug-14 HO DCC Sound Installation Tips (Sidebars: Tools; Supplies)

Sep-14 SoundTraxx SoundCar DCC decoder (SoundCar Installation)

Oct-14 MRC DCC System Test Drive

Nov-14 DCC Circuit Protection

Dec-14 ESU LokSound Decoders

Jan-15 DCC Reversing Loops

Feb-15 Brass Steam Loco DCC Installation Tips

Mar-15 JMRI is more than Decoder Pro #1

Apr-15 JMRI is more than Decoder Pro #2

Jun-15 DCC Stationary Decoders

Jul-15 DCC Garden Wiring Tips

Aug-15 Getting Started in DCC

Sep-15 DCC Throttles (First Look: SoundTraxx Econami decoder)

Oct-15 SoundTraxx Econami DCC decoder (My ideal throttle)

Nov-15 What’s Up With LCC?

Dec-15 Details of DCC Consisting

Jan-16 Econami decoder + RS3 sound installation (Sidebars: Tools; Supplies; Parts)

Feb-16 A Dozen more DCC Myths

Mar-16 Is DCC dead?

Apr-16 DCC for Operations (Tsunami adjustments for braking)

May-16 Demystifying CV 29

Jun-16 Getting power to my DCC system

Jul-16 My favorite iPhone apps for DCC

Aug-16 Loading sound into DCC decoders

Sep-16 Traveling with DCC

Oct-16 Five years of DCC Impulses columns

Dec-16 First look at the Digitrax Evolution DCC system

Feb-17 Thinking through a DCC decoder installation

Mar-17 Wireless DCC, part 1, the radio side

Apr-17 Wireless DCC, part 2, battery power

May-17 Wireless DCC, part 3, bringing it all together

Jun-17 Digitrax duplex radio hints (Hints for Digitrax cab batteries)

Jul-17 I’m Retiring!

Aug-17 The truth about capacitors in DCC

Oct-17 RailPro makes things easy

Nov-17 Novice view of Narrow Gauge convention

Dec-17 Not quite a chainsaw layout

Feb-18 Adjust your DCC decoder’s personality easily

Mar-18 A dozen DCC questions

Apr-18 DCC layouts and locomotives

Jun-18 Exploring the SoundTraxx Tsunami2

Aug-18 Speakers for DCC sound installs


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