Meet Bruce Petrarca

I started Litchfield Station in 2001. Over the next few years, Linda, my wife, and I built a team that took it to be the second largest specialty DCC shop in the world.

I started Litchfield Station to assist you, the model railroad hobbyist, to enjoy the benefits of DCC.  DCC allows you to run your trains on your layout the same way the prototypes run! These photos are RUNNING locomotives! You should enjoy a similar thrill running your models.

IMG 3003-001

Bruce at the controls of PM 1225 in Alma Michigan

IMG 4820-001
view from the engineer's seat of GP-9 3873 in Campo California

Until you experience DCC operations, you’ll never know what you are missing!

My Electronics Background

I’ve been involved in electronics design and manufacturing since the 1960s, including: consumer products, computer products, OEM products and a keyboard for the International Space Station. I have bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in electronic engineering and have been an amateur radio operator since 1962; I hold Extra Class license KX0E. I’ve been soldering since I was 7 years old. I designed my first speaker system when I was in high school and FORTY YEARS later, my brother-in-law was still using it!

I spent about 5 years with a mainly MIL-SPEC electronics manufacturing firm, so I’m familiar with the techniques of high quality, high reliability electronics. While there, I was coordinated a MIL-SPEC soldering school.

In college, I worked extensively with audio and RF, both as a disc jockey and as an audio engineer for groups like the Jefferson Airplane - talk about BIG SOUND!

I’ve been involved in consumer product sales since 1971 and internet businesses since 1998.  I’m one of the few folks doing business on the web who will show you my face!

My Model Railroad Background

I started MODELING after the formation of a club in my subdivision in 1998. Prior to that, I’d owned some toy trains, harking back to my first Christmas and a “hand me down” Marx O-27. I got my first Lionel loco for Christmas when I was 5. This is a frame from our Christmas movies:

1954-12-25 Bruce’s First Lionel

Bruce's first Lionel loco for Christmas

Somewhere in moving from Colorado to California when I was in high school, the trains got lost or sold. I don’t remember what, but they were gone. But, that’s okay, I had discovered girls.

What I lack in MODELING experience, I make up for in decades of “hands on” and theoretical electronics experience.

I began my DCC experience in 1998 and founded Litchfield Station in 2000. Before I sold Litchfield Station in 2010, I began to branch out into other areas of modeling and train operations. I saw this as a way to jump start my modeling experience. I have earned the following Achievement certificates from the NMRA:

     - Chief Dispatcher, March 2010

     - Model Railroad Author, May 2010

     - Association Volunteer, August 2015

     - Master Builder - Structures, August 2015

     - Master Builder - Cars, March 2016

     - Model Railroad Engineer - Civil, March 2016

     - Model Railroad Engineer - Electrical, March 2016     

     - Master Model Railroader #574, April 1, 2016

Information on “My Model Railroad Journey” was published in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine’s June 2016 issue. CLICK HERE to read it.

DCC Training

I have been trained by Digitrax and SoundTraxx.

Digitrax Cert-0
Soundtraxx Cert-0
Digitrax Cert Advanced-0

Above all, there is workmanship. CLICK HERE to see my standards.

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