Workmanship Standards

Bruce set the standard for workmanship at Litchfield Station! He continues them now that he is on his own:

 NO STICKY, GOOEY TAPES are used in the final install.  That means:

  • NO weak transparent desk tape
  • NO “Magic” tape
  • NO messy black tape
  • NO masking tape

 Sometimes blue masking tape is used in the course of the install to hold things in place. Blue is preferred over regular masking tape, as it is cleaner and leaves no residue.

 Only MIL-SPEC quality Kapton tape is used in the product as returned to the customer.  This VERY EXPENSIVE tape withstands very high temperatures. It leaves NO RESIDUE when removed or heated, unlike other tapes.

 Shrink tubing is used to secure and insulate soldered joints wherever possible. Bruce would be willing to run his own locos with the mechanical joint and shrink tubing only, he believes so strongly in this combined approach.

 Every joint is soldered with quality solder, using MIL-SPEC techniques

 Every light gets a dropping resistor if recommended by the decoder manufacturer or needed for correct operation.

 Wiring is routed and constrained so that it won’t interfere with moving parts. In many cases, wiring will be run in a flat bundle and held down with glue or Kapton tape in such a location that the decoder and / or NMRA plug may still be removed.

 If glue is used to secure wiring and decoders, it is caulk, Aleens 7800, Goop or some similar product.

 If the decoder is mounted to the motor, it is insulated from the heat of the motor.

 Every loco is test run before and after installation.

 Every loco is provided with a programming sheet showing what values have been set in the various Configuration Variable (CV) locations.

 Every loco is checked for lubrication and has its wheels cleaned and has an application of conductivity enhancer prior to shipment. Bruce uses Nano-Oil and Never Stall.

Ask your installer about his WORKMANSHIP STANDARDS.
Then compare Bruce to them.

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