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DCC puts YOU in the engineer's seat!

Photo at Campo, CA
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The DCC University arose out of the questions raised through almost 9 years of operating Litchfield Station. Bruce developed it from a small installation business to the second largest DCC specialty shop in the world.

Breaking News:
April 1, 2016 - Yes, this is April Fool’s Day, but it is no joke. Bruce earns NMRA recognition as Master Model Railroader #574. For more information CLICK HERE to see the article in the June 2016 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.

Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine is a FREE (advertiser supported) online magazine with a wide range of topics and columns. In October, 2011, Bruce became their DCC columnist. You can read his DCC Impulses columns on line. CLICK HERE to go to their site or CLICK HERE to go to a list of Bruce’s columns on this site. Bruce has decided to retire from writing a monthly column. His last two monthly columns were in the June and August 2018 issues of MRH

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Litchfield Station: In April 2010, Bruce sold the DCC dealership Litchfield Station, LLCThe DCC University is no longer associated with that commercial enterprise and they are solely responsible for running their business.


However, there is still a cooperative relationship between us. Links have been provided from here to the Litchfield Station web site, for the convenience of folks who browse the DCC University! CLICK HERE to go to the Litchfield Station website.

Understand, Bruce makes no profit on Litchfield Station sales.

However, Bruce is still available for DCC installations and consulting. 
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What remains here is data about DCC - mostly Bruce's opinions.


Bruce moved into this millennium:  He is now available via texting to the number in the header on any page.


Apple users note: Bruce is now available on FaceTime for consultation and assistance. Use the phone number in the header on any page.

Photos: Scattered throughout this website look for photos that Bruce or his friends took. Enjoy the scavenger hunt.

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